Partiboi69 | Boiler Room: Bangalore

Sharing all his energy while the crowd truly responds we have the debut for Partiboi69 at Boiler Room landing on Bangalore bringing up pure heat to the night. Let´s watch it here below.


Praga Khan – Injected with a Poison
The Prodigy – No Good
Rave Breakz – Feel The Friction
Partiboi69 – Danger (unreleased)
Suman – Take Me Up
Untidy Dubs – The Groove
X Club – These Streets Looks Dangerous
Partiboi69 – Rock Da House (unreleased)
Raredub – ID (unreleased)
KETBOI69 – Freq U All Nite
Dave The Drummer – Mito City Express
Ignition Technician – Throw Your Hands
Partiboi69 – Hoe (ft Christ Dillinger)
Partiboi69 – K on my D+C (ft. Juicy Romance)

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