808 Reviews ::: Doing Fine feat. M.I.L.K. by Jacob Bellens

Reviewed by Ace 04th of August 2022 Lately doing fine seems to get more difficult, but having a proper time always can be done more easily with music. Like a medic kit laying on a soft upbeat melody with a positive and clear message, we have a new track from Jacob Bellens under the name... Continue Reading →

Happy Holidays

Music Addicts, Video Nerds, Information freaks, our community is looking to meet you all, Welcome. https://808blogg.wordpress.com/

Daniel Avery The Time Illusionist

From a long time we have been cooking this feature, being one of the most recognized and talented artists coming from UK Daniel Avery purpose is always fascinating and innovating, he has managed to deliver some of the most solid music pieces from the last decade and he always keep updating his project and adding... Continue Reading →

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