Prescription : Word, Sound & Power by Ron Trent

Gathering 24th tracks Ron Trent presents Prescription: Word, Sound & Power published by Rush Hour Music. Prescription, the label founded by Ron Trent & Chez Damier in the early 90ties, distills their musical essence with a monumental 6LP anthology boxset! Holds numerous classics that have been out of press for years. Ron Trent Listen to all these tracks... Continue Reading →

Skin by Aleksandir

Hailing from Istanbul one of the most ambitious productions from Aleksandir has been imprinted on nine tracks for the album release Skin published by Omena. Listen to the album, and get yours here: I Used To Dream Treshed Prado Interlude Calvert Technicolour Dotty´s Theme Overgrown Skin & Mind

Yasuke OST by Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus a mind in constant seeking for knowledge presents the original soundtrack for the Netflix series Yasuke directed by LeSean Thomas & starring LaKeith Stanfield, Yasuke shares a magical story of a samurai warrior with African heritage in Japan at the feudal times featuring plenty of live sword action into it, listen to the... Continue Reading →

People (Kasper Bjørke Rework) by PaulWetz

The second single released on hfn music by PaulWetz under the name of People receive the proper treatment under the work of Kasper Bjørke adding a more dark atmosphere the result brings an EP with three tracks, the Kasper Bjørke Rework with his Instrumental version and the Dark Rave Edit version, listen to People (Kasper Bjørke) by... Continue Reading →

DJ-Kicks: Jayda G

The new release for DJ-Kicks is an expedition threw well-known classics blended with new music commanded by Jayda-G for the release DJ-Kicks: Jayda G. Published by !K7 Records this mix displays a deep emotional journey, listen to the Continuous Mix here:

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