Colour Of Mind EP by DJ Steaw

Bringing new music to Kaoz Theory in what represents the first release from DJ Steaw for the label, we have Colour Of Mind EP by DJ Steaw featuring the tracks Colour Of Mind, Dance To The Rhythm, I Can´t Feel It and Star Steady, listen to it and see all the details of how to... Continue Reading →

808blogg Podcast Episode 3 /// UEBOS for 808blogg 808blogg Podcast Episode 3 /// UEBOS for 808blogg Aunque en principio se puede pensar que Uebos es un error ortográfico, lo cierto es que se trata de un arcaismo que debe su razón etimológica a la palabra latina opus y que incluso se puede encontrar como parte del castellano antiguo. El origen de la... Continue Reading →

808blogg Podcast Episode 2 /// Melorman for 808blogg

Hailing from Greece we have a fantastic guest for our second podcast, Antonis Chaniotakis a.k.a Melorman presents a mix full of sonic landscapes and auditive emotions, Melorman brings us deeper and closer to his musical vision for your delight. Tracklist: 1.Leandro Fresco & Thore Pfeiffer - Neo 2.Selffish - Static Cloud 3.Melorman - Night... Continue Reading →

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