808 Reviews ::: Doing Fine feat. M.I.L.K. by Jacob Bellens

Reviewed by Ace 04th of August 2022

Lately doing fine seems to get more difficult, but having a proper time always can be done more easily with music. Like a medic kit laying on a soft upbeat melody with a positive and clear message, we have a new track from Jacob Bellens under the name of Doing Fine featuring the vocal laidback work from M.I.L.K. making it a nice summer track.

M.I.L.K. by Tue Blichfeldt / Jacob Bellens by Mathis Schmidt

Released by hfn music see all the details of how to get Doing Fine feat M.I.L.K. by Jacob Bellens over here: https://hfnmusic.lnk.to/DoingFine.

Jacob Bellens by Eddie Michel


Overall Rating 7.7/10
Doing Fine feat M.I.L.K. by Jacob Bellens
hfn music
Release Date: 2022 / 07 / 22


For more music on Jacob Bellens visit his: Website / Facebook /

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