Let´s EP Remixes

Combining different remixes this release has different tracks from Justin Martin remixed by lau.ra, Tom Jarmey, QRTR, TEE MANGO, and DJ Sliink, featuring the collaboration with Claire George for the track Let´s, published by What To Do we can listen to six tracks as part of this release. See all the information on how to... Continue Reading →

How To Dress Well In The Dark by Monica Blaire

Bringing his music to Mahogani Music, we have Monica Blaire with How To Dress Well In The Dark, twelve tracks that show all the artistic expressions where this artist can take us. Let´s get to enjoy samesong, frame, QUEEN, latebloomer, fuckthewrongpeople, release, lightsoff, hustlingbackwards, marbles, aclorkworkorange, smarts, and heart/sinnerman. A trip into soul, R&B, and... Continue Reading →

Mega EP by Roman Flügel

The first release of this year on Running Back Records for Roman Flügel has been released, an awesome EP is the result for Mega EP. Featuring the tracks Mega, Rules, Film 1, Film 2, and Film 3, the German producer once again brings complex and unpredictable music ready to be enjoyed. Listen to Mega EP... Continue Reading →

Escapades by Gaspard Augé

For his debut album, Gaspard Augé presents Escapades, featuring the tracks Welcome, Force majeure, Rocambole, Europa, Pentacle, Hey!, Captain, Lacrimosa, Belladone, Casablanca, Vox, and Rêverie, get to listen to all of it and obtain yours here: https://bit.ly/3Ac2di3   Welcome Force majeure Rocambole Europa Pentacle Hey! Captain Lacrimosa Belladone Casablanca Vox Rêverie

Joint4Nine – Blue Kindness Part 2

Under the command of Joss Moog, Around7 & Jean Cé (aka SFD) Ondulé Recordings keeps delivering sublime french house over the years, lets check the release by Joint4Nine Blue Kindness Part 2 featuring four tracks, Rick Dalton, Get Down On It, Making Moves and From The Hood, available at their bandcamp page, stream it and... Continue Reading →

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