Thank you for all your support, Happy New Year.

We want to wish you all a Happy New Year, thank you for all your support. Here are the 808 features we had in 2020: Interview 808Interview ::::: TOM And His Computer / In My Room, HFN Music / Denmark. 808Interview ::::: Demuir / Purveyor Underground / Kultur / Canada. 808Interview ::::: Soul Of Hex... Continue Reading →

Studio Essentials: Brendon Moeller

by XLR8R Staff @XLR8R The dub-techno veteran showcases five of his studio essentials. For anyone interested in dubby electronics, Brendon Moeller should be a name that rings quite familiar. In his long and storied career, Moeller has released well over 50 EPs, albums, and remixes via his given name and a range of monikers including Echologist, Beat... Continue Reading →

360° Of Modular Synth Action Gives Us G.A.S. by synthhead@syntophia Tiptop Audio shared this video that captures an immersive 360° view of a massive, multi-rack modular synth rig. G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) anyone? Technical Details: The Euro modules are housed in new Tiptop Audio ‘Mantis’ cases. The patch and music in the video are created by Angle. The video was created by Jacopo Cosmelli and... Continue Reading →

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