Corsynth Intros 5U DR-01 Bass Drum Module

Corsynth has introduced the DR-01 Bass Drum, the first of a new series of modules dedicated to analog drum synthesis. The DR-01 is designed to let you create analog bass drums, toms, percussive sounds and even basslines in a single space. The parameters in the module have been  chosen to be used in a drum synthesis context... Continue Reading →

The Making Of Childish Gambino’s “Redbone” With Ludwig Göransson | Deconstructed

Childish Gambino’s “Redbone,” the second single off of his 'Awaken, My Love!' album, centers on the narrative of infidelity and paranoia. The track got a prominent placement in the opening moments of Jordan Peele’s record-breaking movie Get Out, too, leading to Platinum certification. Its instrumentation is a collaboration between Donald and Swedish composer and producer... Continue Reading →

Dogmacast 037 – Lizzy M

Dogmacast 037 - Lizzy M Lizzy M , Nacida y radicada en la ciudad de Cali - Colombia. Comienza su carrera en el año 2000 siendo de las primeras djs femeninas y pioneras de Colombia en el género Techno, Lizzy M es nuestra primer invitada a este DOGMACAST 2018 : We like to present our... Continue Reading →

808blogg Bandcamp recommendations.

Each 8th day of the month 808blogg will like to share some recommendations from the music platform Bandcamp. For this month the options we will like to share are: We Out Here We Out Here You can listen or buy it here. Rudolf C Going´Good EP You can listen or buy it here. Q3A Deva Station EP You can listen... Continue Reading →

Hear an Acid-Drenched Cut From Lou Karsh’s New EP

'Ataraxia' drops early next month on X-Kalay. Melbourne artist Lou Karsh—a new project from Reptant—is up next for London label X-Kalay. The EP, titled Ataraxia, follows releases from Kask, Diego Tierres, and Coastdream with four acid-drenched tracks of varying intensity. From the title track's stripped-back breakbeats to the melancholic atmospheres of "Infrared" and the closing cut's rolling acid lines, Ataraxia's collection of dancefloor... Continue Reading →

Moog’s synth-filled LA bungalow, the House of Electronicus.

Cactus-powered synths, a bed that vibrates to bass frequencies, a theremin-controlled video wall and more. Last month, Moog transformed a bungalow in Los Angeles neighborhood Echo Park into a synth wonderland called the House of Electronicus, filled with instruments and custom-built installations. Alongside the Asheville company’s new Drummer From Another Mother semi-modular percussion synth, there... Continue Reading →

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