Korg Prologue Review – A New Spin on Analogue

Prologue key features: Fully programmable analogue polysynth Professional grade full size keybed 8 or 16 voice versions available High quality FX section built-in Very stylish finish in aluminium and wood Onboard arpeggiator, offering numerous settings Open Application Programming Interface (API) for user created waveforms and FX Bi-timbral; layer and split So here it is! The... Continue Reading →

Polyend + Dreadbox Medusa Synth Specifications & Pricing

Superbooth 2018: Polyend has announced details for Medusa, their new collaboration with Dreadbox: Medusa hybrid synthesizer materialized from the genuine passion and a positive relationship between Dreadbox and Polyend synthesized in the proper way. At first, there was a simple desire to add a sequencer and preset functionalities to the famous Dreadbox analog voices. But as the more you... Continue Reading →

808blogg Bandcamp recommendations.

Each 8th day of the month 808blogg will like to share some recommendations from the music platform Bandcamp. For this month the options we will like to share are: Selecion Natural Pole Group 50 You can listen or buy it here. Sami Baha Free For All You can listen or buy it here. True Anomaly Quop EP You... Continue Reading →

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