NONE by Ash Thorpe FULL SCREEN AND HEADPHONES YIELD THE BEST RESULTS BEHIND THE SCENES - NONE is a short film that explores the balance of light and darkness.  It has a personal narrative which plays with the notion of finding yourself amidst the noise around you. More information - CREDIT DIRECTOR / DESIGNER / CG ARTIST... Continue Reading →

Dreadbox Intros White Line Eurorack Modules

Dreadbox has introduced a the White Line – a new series of Euro-format synth modules. Dreadbox says that the White Line modules are designed to offer high sound and build quality at an affordable price. The line already includes an oscillator, filter, dual VCA, envelope generator, LFO and random modules, plus effects and utility modules. White Line modules... Continue Reading →

Elektron Intros Analog Heat Effects Processor

by synthhead @syntophia Elektron today introduced the Analog Heat – a hardware effects processor that features 8 different analog stereo distortion circuits, a stereo analog multi-mode filter and a stereo analog EQ. “By adding analog sheen or grit, sounds often become more exciting and interesting — and this is exactly the forte of the Analog... Continue Reading →

Moyo Brothers – Fulltrack EP

Moyo Brothers - Fulltrack EP / Central Dogma Moyo Brothers are one of the most prolific acts we know this represent his 6th release at our label and always get to impress our fans with thump beats and great arrangements, Fulltrack EP is available now at all Major Worldwide Digital Stores in Exclusive by Central... Continue Reading →

Allen & Heath – Xone:PX5

by Daniel Petry @RA Allen & Heath build one of the industry standards of DJ mixers. Consequently, each time they announce a new product, their fan base engages in another round of wish-listing and debating. Some websites speculated that the new Xone:PX5 was a successor of the much-loved Xone:92, which generated much dismay. However, the... Continue Reading →

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