RA Sessions: Audion

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1HM-vFz0Ok By  Resident Advisor@RA Live and improvised techno from Matthew Dear, one of the genre's most multi-faceted artists. For an artist who came up in Detroit's house and techno scene, Matthew Dear has a complicated relationship with dance music. Even as he built his name on bangers like "Hands Up For Detroit," his 1999 debut,... Continue Reading →

Ask the Experts: Mathew Jonson

by XLR8R Staff @XLR8R Last month, we were delighted to be able to relaunch our Ask the Experts series—a column in which we hand over the reigns to some of our favorite musicians who have agreed to take the time to respond to any and all your questions. First up, we invited Gerd Janson to... Continue Reading →

Shlømo – Escape From The Void [DSRC7]

Artist: Shlømo Title: In Absentia : Tome 1 Label/Cat#: Delsin Records – DSRC 7 Genre: Electronic Style: Techno Release date: 17 May 2016 Tracklist 1. In Absentia (feat PVNV) 2. Escape From The Void 3. Poison River 4. Escape From The Poison River (Artefakt Collage) One of the many Delsin off shoots welcomes fast rising... Continue Reading →

“Mi primer evento fue con 35 años”

Israel Méndez y Ion Romay @Vicious Magazine Vicious Magazine: ¿Quién es Stephan Bodzin? Stephan Bodzin: Stephan Bodzin es un tío familiar con un amor tremendo por su mujer e hijos, raíces y casa. No puedo viajar sin una base buena a cualquier lugar del mundo. Soy una persona muy apasionada y entusiasta. Amo la vida,... Continue Reading →

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