Thank you for all your support, Happy New Year.

We want to wish you all a Happy New Year, thank you for all your support. Here are the 808 features we had in 2020: Interview 808Interview ::::: TOM And His Computer / In My Room, HFN Music / Denmark. 808Interview ::::: Demuir / Purveyor Underground / Kultur / Canada. 808Interview ::::: Soul Of Hex... Continue Reading →

AVP Synth Ritmobox

Ritmobox is a compact, analog drum synthesizer inspired by the drum machines/synthesizers of the 70s-80s with a built-in 8-step sequencer and MIDI. It has 37 controls, 3 switches and 14 buttons with which you can have a wide control over the sound parameters, sequencer and MIDI. It has individual audio outputs for each of the... Continue Reading →

Eventide releases ShimmerVerb a “Masively Lustrous” reverb Plug-In

Eventide continues its series of H-series hardware effect emulations with ShimmerVerb, combining reverb with parallel pitch shifting. After Eventide released Undulator last month, it was a question of whether the New Jersey-based audio wizards would continue to release individual effects plug-ins based on H-series hardware. With their flagship effects plug-in the H3000 Factory currently priced at $349, these individual... Continue Reading →

Amped Studio, Online DAW, Adds VST Plugin Support!

Now You Can Use Your Favorite VST plug-ins in Amped Studio, one of the most popular and powerful online DAWs. Amped Studio, the online DAW, has just released a ground breaking experimental application called VST/Remote, that connects desktop VST´s to their browser based music creation software. VST/Remote is a VST host for Windows and macOS... Continue Reading →

Output turns up the heat with Thermal, an ‘interactive’ multi-stage distortion plugin

Hands-on workflow is designed to encourage creativity Output is confident that it’s gone beyond the usual “incremental advances” in saturation and distortion technology with Thermal, its ‘interactive’ new plugin. This offers a multi-stage engine that promises greater capabilities than traditional multiband distortions, but with ease of use pushed very much to the fore. A circular... Continue Reading →

Synapse Audio Obsession Synth Inspired By Classic Oberheim Sound Synapse Audio Software has introduced Obsession, a new software synth that’s inspired by the classic Oberheim OB-Xa. Features: Emulation of a classic analog polyphonic synth Two part engine with 8 or 16 voice boards Precise control of many sound parameters per voice board Single, Dual and Split modes Stepped LFO modes with freehand drawing High-quality effect block... Continue Reading →

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