Real Lies “The Checks” (UNREAL Mix)

Gritty, rave-empowered remix. Real Lies are a three-piece London-based electronic group formed in 2012. They release their debut album, titled Real Life, in 2015; while more recently they shared "The Checks,"—"a gritty, rave-empowered return" according to Clash Magazine—via their own Unreal imprint. Up next is a collaboration with Tom Demac on Kompakt, scheduled for September release. Ahead of this,... Continue Reading →

Influences 10: Superpitcher

Aksel Schaufler explores the musical path that led to 'The Golden Ravedays.' Superpitcher is Paris-based Aksel Schaufler, a German producer commonly affiliated with Kompakt. The Paris-based artist's production career dates back to the late '90s before he made his appearance on the Cologne label with "Shadows," a deeply melodic downtempo house affair featured on the Total 2 compilation—and his... Continue Reading →

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