Mermaids by Fila Brazillia

With great pleasure, we will have the debut single from Fila Brazillia published again at Running Back Records on September 16th, featuring the original and the demo version of Mermaids, it will also contain the track Slacker, for now we can get to listen to Mermaids, see more details on how to pre-order yours here:... Continue Reading →

Appel du Danube by Houeida Hedfi

Making her debut on Phantasy Sound, the Tunisian multi-instrumentalist Houeida Hedfi presented her three-track release Appel du Danube, we can get to wander among the three tracks Appel de Danube, Echoes de Medjerda feat. Olof Deijer (Nidia Remix), and Echoes de Medjerda feat. Olof Deijer on his original version, listen to all the release and... Continue Reading →

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