Lost Island by DJ Seinfeld

After great support from his acclaimed album Mirrors, we have the new single from DJ Seinfeld under the name of Lost Island released by Ninja Tune. Let's listen to this track and also see all the information on how to obtain Lost Island by DJ Seinfeld here: https://bit.ly/3PImlQP

How To Dress Well In The Dark by Monica Blaire

Bringing his music to Mahogani Music, we have Monica Blaire with How To Dress Well In The Dark, twelve tracks that show all the artistic expressions where this artist can take us. Let´s get to enjoy samesong, frame, QUEEN, latebloomer, fuckthewrongpeople, release, lightsoff, hustlingbackwards, marbles, aclorkworkorange, smarts, and heart/sinnerman. A trip into soul, R&B, and... Continue Reading →

Tinted Shades by Fatima & Joe Armon Jones

Released by Aquarii Records we have the EP Tinted Shades made by Fatima & Joe Armon Jones, their jazz approach collides with soul, hip-hop, and R&B, with his perfect dose of funk delivering the tracks #1, Tinted Shades, and Love Life Hope, let´s listen to all the tracks and obtain more information on how to... Continue Reading →

Kaytranada – Intimidated EP

As an artist that explores so many different rhythms and music styles, Kaytranada is usually great and hard to predict, it is constantly a new and fresh experience to listen to his new music. Featuring collaborations with H.E.R., Thundercat, and Mach-Hommy he recently released Intimidated EP including the tracks Intimidated, Be Careful, and $payforhaiti, let´s... Continue Reading →

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