XLR8R Podcast 602: Microhm

Warped beats and textures from Mexico City. Microhm is an alias of Leslie García, an experimental sound artist associated with Static Discos, where she released her debut album—oscillating between noise, minimal wave, ambient, and techno—last year. Raised in Tijuana, Mexico, she went on to study integral design, a strange hybrid of industrial and graphic design, but... Continue Reading →

Roland Cloud vs Vintage Roland Hardware

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeKxrva4tHw In this video, synthesist Alex Ball compares four Roland Cloud software synthesizers against the vintage hardware synthesizers that they emulate. Ball looks at software versions of four classic Roland synths: SH-2 (1979), TB-303 (1981), SH-101 (1982) and JX-3P (1983) and argues that, in terms of sound, the emulations are ‘remarkably close’. And in the case of the 303,... Continue Reading →

Ross From Friends is Back with New Brainfeeder EP

'Epiphany' EP is released on 12” and digital via Brainfeeder on August 16. Ross From Friends will release a new EP via Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder next month. While the UK artist, real name Felix Clary Weatherall, dedicated his debut album, 2018's Family Portrait, in part to his parents, new 12" Epiphany is an homage to, and named after, his sister, "one of... Continue Reading →

Focusrite buys Adam Audio, bringing studio monitors into its range

UK company moves beyond audio interfaces, synths and controllers. Focusrite’s product line contains a lot of the things that music producers need -audio interfaces, MIDI controllers and synths - but studio monitors are conspicuous by their absence. We can see the logic, then, in the company’s acquisition of Adam Audio, which is a respected specialist in this field. This represents the... Continue Reading →

Dominik Eulberg Delivers Burning Plea to Save Nature’s Biodiversity on New !K7 Album

'Mannigfaltig’ LP will be released on September 6 via !K7. Dominik Eulberg will release his fifth studio album, Mannigfaltig, in September, more than eight years after his Diorama LP. “Music only makes sense for me if it has something to say," he explains. "And I have something to say now!” Mannigfaltig is an album about the colourfulness of nature, which for Eulberg... Continue Reading →

Learning synths by Ableton

 "Learn the basics of using synthesizers (or synths). No prior experience or equipment is required; you’ll do everything in your browser." Check the website here. Ableton recently create an interactive website where you can easily learn the fundamentals of synthesis like LFO´s, oscillators, filters or envelopes, all this in your browser supported by a two-oscillator monosynth.... Continue Reading →

808blogg Bandcamp Recommendations

Each 8th day of the month 808blogg will like to share some recommendations from the music platform Bandcamp. For this month the options we will like to share are: Georgia Anne Muldrow VWETO II Released by Mello Music Group You can listen or buy it here. Demiur Disco Ain´t Jackin Released by Robsoul Recordings You... Continue Reading →

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