808Reviews :::: Carlo Lio – Magic City EP / KULTUR @thisiskultur

Carlo Lio – Magic City – out on 18.September 2020 on KULTUR

KULTUR @Thisiskultur is a Label Platform that focuses on the real spirit of what House Music was made from in a time when tags weren’t needed and there was a sense of respect for the human need for creating and expressing no matter what race or sexual preferences.

So this said, we have arrived at the 5th release by KULTUR a Label with a neat and precise touch to keep demonstrating there is no such thing as the death of a genre.

For this 5th output, we have a well-known producer who has been crafting his music very carefully and whose evolution has been always outstanding Carlo Lio from Toronto, Canada.


The first track we reviewed is “Magic City” which is the single from this EP with the same name starts right on to the point and that is one of those moments in music that builds up constantly with the same driving force that originated it and right over we can get the whole idea of that groove stomping over the track and what is all about, so if you like me appreciate those brief moments in order to keep people in motion you will love this, vocals are precisely created to add harmonics that blend in between a swing line from the beat that keeps hammering, the bassline grooving right on to the tune, a perfect balance I would say keep this one to the tight moment of the night when you are trying to get all those smiles and bounces…

Then is the turn of “Need Someone” and I am already searching for some liquids to keeps it trough,  this one is even harder for me is a reminder of music coming out of Detroit at first glance, but then suddenly track starts to incorporate some heavy grooving sounds and then you can testify why Carlio Lio is one of the most respected names on the game, his signature sound is all over that perfect build-up that continuously makes you wonder of what’s coming next, a really heavy bass-rhythm track with a more deep approach in a sense but overall this is a real Monster tune that will keep the dance floor moving and craving for more, That makes you aware of that you gotta be sharpened enough to choose the next tune to mix with it.

in our final comment about this wonderful release, we like to say that a lot might believe to play a genre or to mimic it, but only a few can master it and make it his own, that man is Carlo Lio and we are surely waiting for more music from him and releases from KULTUR even when they are on their 5th release we just started the reviewing features so I promise a whole review about KULTUR in a near future for all of you guys to enjoy in the meanwhile go and get Carlo Lio Magic City EP by Carlo Lio and start grooving your followers with some serious Music.


Overall Rating 9.5/10


Carlo Lio – Magic City EP / KULTUR @thisiskultur
RELEASE DATE 2020-09-18
LABEL Kultur



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