Remixes EP by JC The Bear feat. Various Artists

A powerful deliver with remixes by Lucas Odparlik​ Doctor Boom&Yiri Morsink, Morticia Walker, Dubh and True Anomaly​ for what we consider is one of the highlights in the music dept. for our label on 2016 JC TheBear​ latest outputs on our record to date are trully amazing, checki out... buy it here.

DM48 Chromatic MIDI Harmonica The Lekholm Instruments DM48 Chromatic MIDI Harmonica is a 12-hole, 48-note, digital chromatic harmonica, designed to give harmonica players MIDI control over electronic sounds. Because it’s a MIDI controller, the DM48 opens the door to playing all types of sounds, using custom tunings, recording MIDI and more. The above video captures Laurent Maur playing Billy Strayhorn’s Isfahan, using the... Continue Reading →

Andrey Pushkarev Launches Label with EP

'Photograph' EP is scheduled for October release via Luck Of Access. Andrey Pushkarev has launched his Luck Of Access label with a new EP, Photograph. Andrey Pushkarev is one of the world's finest selectors.  His exquisite taste, sharp skills at the decks, and uncompromising nature have won him a great deal of respect and admiration as a... Continue Reading →

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