Fire RItuals by Microhm

For her second release for Static Discos, Microhm presented Fire Rituals EP featuring six tracks focusing for this release on the body as a field for exploration, we can listen to Hoguera, Lumbre, Cenizas, Arder, Flama, y Combustion, obtain yours here: Hoguera Lumbre Cenizas Arder Flama Combustion  

Dublab / EXT. Explorations Mix Vol 1.

EXT Radio is an experimental show hosted by the Mexican (limited series) rave EXT, created with the intention of sharing new sounds from our friends and collaborators. For the first episode, one of the heads of EXT – Gabo Barranco AKA AAAA brings an acid/ambient set. AAAA is one of the most influential producers of... Continue Reading →

Murcof & Fax 100

100 is a collaboration between Murcof and Fax and it celebrates Static Discos' 100th release. 100 is an invitation to close our eyes and listen deeply for 100 seconds, far from all the digital detritus that absorbs us everyday. Static Discos was founded in 2002 by Ejival, Murcof and Fax, since then the label has... Continue Reading →

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