Watch the mesmerising video for UNKLE & Keaton Henson’s new track ‘Sick Lullaby’

by Anton Spice @The Vinyl Factory Directed by Warren Du Preez & Nick Thornton Jones. Last week, we announced that the second track from UNKLE’s forthcoming album The Road would get a limited edition vinyl release. Featuring the plaintive vocals of regular VF-collaborator Keaton Henson, the elegiac single hears UNKLE drop the tempo for a... Continue Reading →

My Studio: Phil Weeks

@attack magazine The Parisian hardware aficionado shows us around his studio. Phil Weeks show us around his Paris studio... AKAI MPC300LE The Masterpiece in my Studio. It´s my sequencer, sampler, filter,  main creative box. It´s old school, not so technical, but it sounds very dope, as I like it! Roland TR-909. Classic drum machine. I... Continue Reading →

Conforce – Oasis (visuals by Night Diary) Excerpt taken from: Conforce - Oasis, Deep Sound Channel 012 Video production by Rene van Dijk aka Night Diary. Support the artist and label. https://transcendent-records.bandcamp... DSC welcomes back Boris Bunnik, this time under his Conforce moniker. Two contrasting tracks are the offering. Heavy thump introduces Kernal of Truth. Angular melodies are painted... Continue Reading →

Dave Smith announces monster analog polysynth REV2

by John Twells @FACT magazine Dave Smith Instruments shows off an exciting new 16-voice polysynth. Coming hot on the heels of yesterday’s compact Pioneer collaboration, the Toraiz AS-1, the REV2 is Dave Smith’s update of the popular Prophet ’08 polysynth, adding a few extra bells and whistles to the already-stacked analog workstation. The REV2 doubles the... Continue Reading →

This is Central Dogma

This is Central Dogma 2016 was a wonderful year on our creative dept. we received and distributed some of our best releases to date, we like to make mention for those who caught the attention not only of our sponsors and supporters worldwide but from some major artists and labels, this said here is the... Continue Reading →

The Martin Brothers ‘Sunrise’ Drum And Bass Mix Vol 2

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO VOTED FOR THIS TO HAPPEN AT CAMPOUT!!! YOUR VOICES WHERE HEARD & WE LOVE YOU!!! WE HOPE THIS MIX TAKES YOU TO YOUR HAPPY PLACE!!! love, the martin brothers ***watch "THE DRUM AND BASS YULE LOG ft. THE MARTIN BROTHERS vol. 2": follow justin martin: @justin-martin-music follow... Continue Reading →

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