Le Matin by [ØNE+1] & CAMILO GILL

We can listen to the new release from Adult Only Records, featuring four tracks we have Le Matin by [ØNE+1] & CAMILO GILL enjoy all the release here below and see all the information about how to obtain Le Matin by [ØNE+1] & CAMILO GILL over here: https://bit.ly/3RcNDiI. Le Martin Le Martin (Brian Harden 2020... Continue Reading →

Mermaids by Fila Brazillia

With great pleasure, we will have the debut single from Fila Brazillia published again at Running Back Records on September 16th, featuring the original and the demo version of Mermaids, it will also contain the track Slacker, for now we can get to listen to Mermaids, see more details on how to pre-order yours here:... Continue Reading →

Never Understand EP by Slumberjunkie

With four energetic tracks, we have the release Never Understand EP by Slumberjunkie released by Silver Bear Recordings. Let´s listen to Never Understand, Midnight Ariumaqua, Headwind, and Leave It All Behind, for more details on how to get Never Understand EP by Slumberjunkie visit here: https://bit.ly/3pFo3qd Never Understand Midnight Ariumaqua Headwind Leave It All Behind

Bigger. Messier. by Danny Elfman

There are only a couple of times where you can bring together so much talent and experience for one release. Artists like Trent Reznor, Iggy Pop, and Squarepusher, had established a music legacy already and they are part of this release among other great artists like Little Snake, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Scientist, A.Fruit, 33EMYBW, Kid606,... Continue Reading →

Nova/Moth by Burial + Four Tet

In a top-class collaboration, we have Burial and Four Tet who worked together presenting the tracks Nova and Moth around 2009 and 2012, these tracks were available only on vinyl, but since early this year you can get them also in a digital format, let´s listen to them and see more details about how you... Continue Reading →

Something Else EP by Jkriv

With a great house feeling, we have three new tracks from Jkriv for the release Something Else EP, including an Instrumental version of the track Something Else, and a Remix made by Alton Miller for the track Shoulda Be Me feat. Toribio. Published by Razor-N-Tape, let´s get to enjoy it, see all the details of... Continue Reading →

Strega Music by Make Noise Music

The release Strega Music is published by Make Noise Music, Strega is an instrument designed by Tony Rolando who is the founder of Make Noise Music, and Alessandro Cortini the Italian musician mainly known for being part of Nine Inch Nails among other great music projects. This release features artists such as Kali Malone, Abul... Continue Reading →

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