Peven Everett -Heat Up / Fantasy Eyes

Two beautiful tracks Heat Up and Fantasy Eyes from Peven Everett will be repressed officially on Groovin Recordings the release will be available on 12" vinyl and will be distributed from October 28th this year, see more details about this release here: Heat Up Fantasy Eyes

Jazz-ish by Various Artists

Presented as an introduction to the jazzier side of Local Talk we have the compilation Jazz-ish by Various Artists that features the work of artists such as Munk, Kai Alce, Jaxx Medicine, Zepeherin Saint, Crackazat, Coflo, Kaidi Tatham, Sameed, Kyoto Jazz Sextet, Prequel, Vick Lavender, Time Traveler, Kiko Navarro, and Glenn Underground, including ten tracks... Continue Reading →

Demucha EP by Crackazat

Bringing three new jazzy house tracks to Heist Recordings we have Demucha EP released by Crackazat that has been quite active lately presenting great music. Let's enjoy Demucha, Sarge, and We Know, for more details on how to get Demucha EP by Crackazat visit: Demucha Sarge We Know

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