808Reviews ::: Di Saronno feat L.A.D Jazz – Sway With My Band

Reviewed by Ace ::: 07th of April, 2023.

Sway With My Band is one of those tracks that can set up the mood at any time, jazzy house vibes with funk blend in perfect balance, the track is produced by Francesco Ferraro the mind behind Di Saronno in collaboration with the bass player Paolo Marcellini who was part of the band L.A.D Jazz. This track will be released by Shaboom Records at the end of March this year.

Let´s enjoy Di Saronno feat L.A.D Jazz – Sway With My Band:

Di Saronno


Overall Rating 8.2/10
Di Saronno feat L.A.D Jazz
Shaboom Records
Release Date: March 31st 2023.


For more music from Di Saronno visit his: Facebook / Traxsource / Soundcloud

See all the details of how to obtain Di Saronno feat L.A.D Jazz – Sway With My Band over here: http://bit.ly/40LWH2t.


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