Lucas by Cody Currie

Presenting his album Lucas, we have Cody Currie with 14 tracks ready to bring some joy, passing from house to jazz, while from disco to funk, the work from Currie has been delivering music very often on Toy Tonics the Berlin label run by Kapote who decided to bring to life this album that is ready since late October this year featuring collaborations with Andreas Kon, Ally McMahon, Jitwam, Ziggy, MiK, Eliza Rose, and Tino Valentin. Let´s listen to the album below, also see all the information on how to get Lucas by Cody Currie here:

Lucas by Cody Currie.


  1. Cody Currie feat. Andreas Kon & Ally McMahon – Voyage
  2. Money
  3. Cody Currie feat. Jitwam & Ziggy – Red Hot
  4. That Stick
  5. Cody Currie feat. MiK – Cash
  6. Cody Currie feat. Eliza Rose – Night Sky
  7. Cody Currie feat. Ziggy – De Ja Vu
  8. Starwoman
  9. Cody Currie feat. Eliza Rose – Danger
  10. Cody Currie feat. Tino Valentin – Boys
  11. Cody Currie feat. Tino Valentin – The Returner
  12. Dumb Dumbs
  13. Cody Currie feat. Ally McMahon – Easy
  14. Night Visions

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