808Reviews ::: We Praise (w Jesusdapnk Remix) by Manolo

Reviewed by Ace 04th of January 2022.

At the edge of the ending of 2021 Refuge Recordings published We Praise (w Jesusdapnk Remix) by Manolo, in what seems like a resume for a superb year pumping tons of high-quality house vibes.

On this feature we can get to enjoy We Praise produced by Manolo, with his Sazon Edit version and a remix made by Jesusdapnk, lets take a deeper look at them.

We Praise by Manolo

This track is the fusion of a jazzy house vibe that gets lifted with the vocal arrangement made here that gives the feeling of an anthem tune, all under a great percussion rhythm.

We Praise (Sazon Edit) by Manolo

This version of We Praise feels more focused on the bass respecting the original idea with the vocal setup, making it like a dub version of the original track.

We Praise (Jesusdapnk Remix) by Manolo

Here the remix made by Jesusdapnk brings the most suitable version of We Praise for the dance floor, a solid track to heat up things swinging among his house-jazzy sound.

Obtain yours here: https://bit.ly/3eK3LX4

Overall Rating 8.2/10
We Praise (w Jesusdapnk Remix) by Manolo
Refuge Recordings
Release Date: 2021 / 11 / 19


For more music from Manolo visit his: Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud

For more music from Jesusdapnk visit his: Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud

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Thanks for reading and please don’t ever say no to good music…

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