808Reviews ::: Oliver Dollar – Braeburn EP (feat. Brillstein & Demuir)

Reviewed by Ace 15th of July 2021.

The next release from Refuge Recordings will be Breaeburn EP available in vinyl format, however you can also listen to it on their Bandcamp page, the release is in charge of Oliver Dollar producing the tracks Braeburn and Dope Tool, also collaborates with Brillstein for the track Roots, and Demuir delivers his Palyboi Edit version for Braeburn.

Mesmerizing and hypnotic, this release glides from a raw rhythm to a warm funk house feeling.


Braeburn (Original Mix)

With that beautiful melody, Braeburn starts rising up laying in a bed of chords softly bringing the vocal loop to make this house tune a true delight.

Oliver Dollar feat. Brillstein – Roots

Conformed by a more raw drum rhythm also this track develops itself smoothly mixing the skills of Brillstein and Oliver Dollar, bringing a warm bass layer, making it mesmerizing and hypnotic.

Braeburn (Demuir’s Playboi Edit)

Having the essence of the original track, Demuir´s Playboi Edit is added with a funk house feeling, drowning in the middle of the track on the vocal loop, a perfect detail to continue with this nice vibe.

Dope Tool

As the title describes the bass on this track is truly dope and all of that get´s blended with a lot of heat.

Obtain yours here: https://bit.ly/2UQwDpS


Overall Rating 8.6/10
Oliver Dollar – Braeburn EP
Remixes by Brillstein & Demuir
Refuge Recordings
Release Date: 2021/07/16


For more music from Oliver Dollar: visit his: Bandcamp / Twitter

For more music from Brillstein visit his: Facebook / Twitter /  Bandcamp

For more music from Demuir visit his: Facebook Bandcamp / Twitter

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