Daniel Avery The Time Illusionist

From a long time we have been cooking this feature, being one of the most recognized and talented artists coming from UK Daniel Avery purpose is always fascinating and innovating, he has managed to deliver some of the most solid music pieces from the last decade and he always keep updating his project and adding new and exciting elements In this chapter of 808Feats. We like to give you an insight on the beautiful mind of Daniel Avery.

Daniel Avery

“The music that always hits hardest is what I’d consider to be unreal, something that sounds like it comes from another place entirely and moves at its own pace. I want to create those moments where opening your eyes on a dance floor becomes difficult. When the outside world is nothing more than a distant thought.” 

Daniel Avery born in London is now one of the most renowned producers worldwide his music showcases a full palette of soundscapes and textures is really hard to label his music but is also inappropriate, the music he makes comes from a place near to the heart of the artist, but is a mental trip that will as well get you thrilled…

Daniel Avery

“I’m not interested in my music being overtly political. I’m not interested in any music like that, really, but I do believe that there’s so much negative energy flying around in the world right now, and the best thing about clubbing culture is that it’s founded in the idea of love and togetherness. It’s inclusive and it’s international. It’s universal. In a club, everyone is the same, and everyone is searching for some sort of higher energy. It’s not religious, and it’s not particularly spiritual. Everyone is there for a positive reason, and everyone’s in it together. I fully believe that even though a DJ is on a stage, they are just one part of a combined effort to find something more important than themselves. Everyone in that club plays a crucial role in that journey.

Drone Logic

British producer and DJ Daniel Avery released his breakthrough 2013 debut Drone Logic this Album puts a neat little bow on his sudden rise to fame over the past year, and adds shades of depth to his already well-established sound. More importantly, it’s a relentlessly stormy record that’s too dynamic to get stale.

“Electronic music is unique in that, whilst it has an immediate effect on the body, the culture surrounding it has the ability to run deep into your life. Whenever I’m in a club, I want to give myself up to music. This is the very thing that excites me the most. Witnessing a DJ create an atmosphere in a room from the ground up takes patience and effort from everyone present but when the pivotal moments hit, your watch stops ticking.”

It is this thinking which motivated and inspired the making of Daniel Avery’s entry into the treasured DJ-Kicks series. Across its 78 minutes the mix creates a hypnotic space focusing on “music by some like-minded souls” from the outer reaches of techno. It is a mix concerned with the idea of taking a collective breath and allowing records their own space.

The mix also features three new original Avery productions including a track from Rote, a project with BleeD boss Volte-Face. It follows three years’ worth of studio experimentation in-between a life spent on the road touring the enormous success of debut record, Drone Logic. Released on Erol Alkan’s wildly psychedelic Phantasy label, reviews were unanimous in praise: “A mesmerising debut” (Mixmag); “In a league of its own” (NME); “Exceptional” (The Times); “One of the finest techno albums of the year” (The Quietus); “Underground dance music with this much ambition hasn’t been heard in quite a while” (Resident Advisor); “Avery owns this space” (Pitchfork); “A benchmark for so many other dance albums to aspire to” (Dummy).


Coming off the back of 2012’s much-lauded FABRICLIVE 66 compilation, many of Drone Logic’s early demos were first tested at the London clubbing institution. Whilst Avery claims that his music is affected by every stop on a relentless tour schedule, one that has cemented his position in Resident Advisor’s “Top DJs” poll for several years straight, his debut was a record very much conceived in fabric. It seemed natural, therefore, for his residency to be taken one step further with Divided Love, “a semi regular gathering and a chance to present acts who are doing something special; music for the mind…”

“I do believe in the power of a nightclub. I’ve said before that my favorite moments are when you can close your eyes and what’s going on outside doesn’t matter anymore. It’s not about running away from it; it’s about this idea of taking a breath in such a hectic, modern world. Despite the volume of the club, I think it can offer quite a quiet space. I do believe in the quiet of the club as well: this idea that the positive energy outweighs anything negative that can happen in the outside world.

 Song for Alpha

Daniel Avery is set to release his sophomore album Song for Alpha, the long-awaited follow-up to his breakthrough 2013 debut Drone Logic, this Friday, April 6. It marks an exciting new chapter for him: It’s his first release that Mute Records, the legendary label behind electronic music innovators including Apparat, Ben Frost, and Moby, will handle stateside. Song for Alpha is a tighter, more muscular techno record than Drone Logic; if that album made him an international sensation sought for performances and club nights all over the world, surely this one will elevate him to the same level of reverence as Mute’s decades-long line of visionaries. We caught up with him ahead of the record’s release to learn about its role in Avery’s own self-care, its goal of uniting people, its literary influences, why he couldn’t repeat himself and more.

Daniel Avery. crítica del disco Song for Alpha en Mondo Sonoro (2018)
Song for Alpha

“The last five years [since Drone Logic] have been pretty different. This album was necessary to make in my life, because as much as I love touring and the gigs and the nightclubs, it’s only one part of who I am, and it’s an intense lifestyle. I feel as if this record was needed in my life to act as some sort of counterbalance to that.
I have a studio in the docklands of London…it’s in an old converted shipping container right next to the River Thames. It’s a very serene, peaceful place, which is rare to find in London. It’s some kind of sanctuary to me, a complete opposite to what happens on the weekend. I think this record, from making it down there, was a space where I could take a breath and stop and explore things away from the nightclub. Even though there’s obviously nightclub influences, that’s only one part of it. It’s a reflection of where my life has taken me these last five years.”

‘Love + Light’

“This record has been a real positive force of energy in my life, to the point where it almost formed itself in front of me,”

Titled Love + Light, the 14-track record is the UK producer’s third solo album. Recorded over the course of the UK’s COVID-19 lockdown, the album was recently completed and surprise released this weekend. You can watch a video for lead track ‘Infinite Future’ above.

“This record has been a real positive force of energy in my life, to the point where it almost formed itself in front of me,” Avery says. “In that same spirit, I wanted to share it with you now, as soon as it was finished.”

Love + Light is out now via Phantasy. Mute is overseeing the album’s release in the US and Canada.

Daniel Avery is releasing a new album, Together In Static. 2021

Out in June, the 11-track album has been devised especially for a live show that Avery will debut at London’s recently restored Hackney Church on May 29. He’ll present two live performances of the album, matinee and evening, in a socially distanced setting. A stream from the church will follow on June 23 to give fans worldwide a chance to experience the performance.

“As with many things this past year, the project took on a power and a life of its own right in front of me,” Avery says. “The original idea was to simply play a couple of intimate gigs at Hackney Church during the last lockdown. I started to make music specifically for the shows yet, as plans continued to shift, I fell deeper into the waves. I considered a 12″ or an EP but by the time I came up for air, I realised I had a complete record I wanted to share.”

Looking forward to the release of this new chapter on Daniel Avery’s Carrer we like to invite you to check all the discography available in Bandcamp:


We tried to cover all from his first release to his upcoming album but if you anyway feel this insight is incomplete do not doubt to tell us on the comments, as the time goes by we will be updating this post in order to offer accurate information and also wait for the release of Daniel Avery new album Together in Static which we will be reviewing as well. in the meanwhile enjoy this deliver which showcases the works of one of the most talented musicians out there…



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