808Interview ::::: Prince.L / Priroslin Recordings, Mr. Nice Guy Records / United States of America.

At a certain time, your attention can be captive by a demonstration of a pure style funk attitude, with a solid sound Prince.L has been delivering great music with labels like Mr. Nice Guy Records, Younan Music, among others, also Prince.L established his own imprint Priroslin Recordings, and has been managing the labels Still Play Records & LTHM.

Born in New York City in the Bronx Prince.L grew up in Mami, he shares with us a closer view of himself and his musical perspective in a conversation with 808blogg.

808blogg: How do you describe Prince.L sound?

Prince.L: My sound and what I play is a little bit of Disco, House, Minimal & Tech House with lots of chunky low ends that warms up the soul.

808blogg: Which artists inspire you at the beginning of your music career?

Prince.L: I was always inspired by Michael Jackson, Swizz Beatz, Frankie Knuckles, Todd Terry, and Ricardo Villalobos when I was in high school. I was always interested in how creative these individuals were especially when it came to that moment to capture the audience’s attention.

808blogg: Living nowadays in the most unusual way, to bring people together by music is hard, how do you think it will be the best way to reach your audience?

Prince.L: Yeah we are definitely in an interesting time worldwide but right now the way to continue to reach your audience is in music production, releasing with the right labels that give the artist real attention, delivering proper marketing and promoting, and not fake hype. Also doing Live Streams is another great way to stay connected with everyone, there’s been a lot of dope online festivals lately which give you the chance to see your favorite artist in the comfort of your home.

808blogg: Mister Nice Guy refers to you as the flyest dude in the game, how does that make you feel?

Prince.L: It felt pretty awesome to hear that from Mr. 305 Jesse Perez.

808blogg: Growing up in one of the most influential cities of the world on a cultural and musical aspect it must be a big challenge but at the same time a big motivation to bring your own thing, can you describe your experience

Prince.L: Growing up in Miami as a teenager being surrounded by all types of music was amazing because it made me feel like I was back home in the Bronx but with a lot more bikinis walking around. The market in Miami is not an easy one to move upon, but I definitely learned that anything is possible with hard work and consistency you can make a name for yourself even make the right connections with other artists in that beautiful city.

808blogg: What other kinds of music do you enjoy listening to?

Prince.L: I enjoy listening to Spanish music (Bachata, merengue, Salsa), Hip Hop, R&B, Pop music basically anything that is fire quality. I’m not very picky when it comes to music, I just really enjoy good quality music.

808blogg: Can you please tell us about the future projects for Prince.L?

Prince.L: This year I’m excited to have music coming out on Late Night Munchies, Baila Tu Cuerpo!, The Pool House, As.If Records, George JJ Flores Recordings, LTHM, and more. As for Djing, later this year in March I have the opportunity to play for Kevin Knapp Plump’d Show on Dirtybird Twitch. And some more dope surprises to come this year as well. Shout out to Tony H, Meli Rodriquez, The Pool House crew, and Kevin for believing in my sound.

808blogg: For your label Priroslin Recordings what is the sound you are seeking for it?

Prince.L: For my label Priroslin Recordings we love music that’s made with love and soul, we’re always looking to work with an artist that shares the same passion and desire. This year we have a solid line up of music that we can’t wait to share with the world. But for right now my label partner esven is currently hosting his Radio Show in Brooklyn, NY twice a month on Wednesdays called Wonkie Transmissions from 2-4 pm EST.

For more about Prince.L visit his Facebook / Instagram / Soundcloud

Artist Bio: Born in the Bronx, New York City and always being around music his whole life he gains an interest in the music industry. From DJing at cities like Miami, Denver, San Francisco, Ibiza, and with music released on Mr. Nice Guy Records, Younan Music, and many more exciting labels. Starting his own imprint Priroslin Recordings and as the label manager for Still Play Records & LTHM, Prince.L has been growing as an artist and professional in the music industry as he attends SAE Institute NYC to expand his knowledge in sound design and theory.


Hey guys I’m Ace from 808blogg a music addict, a video nerd, an information freak, and I wrote this interview, you can get more 808blogg content by visiting our Patreon

Thanks for reading and please don’t ever say no to good music…




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