Softube recreates the MiniMoog with Model 72 Synthesizer System

The soft synth component models the analogue monophonic synth from 1972.

Softube goes for period-accuracy with its latest soft synth, the vintage-flavoured Model 72 Synthesizer System. According to the brand, this virtual instrument draws from a particular real-world synth from 1972, and features component modelling “down to the smallest details” for authenticity.

The Model 72 features a modulation section with a glide control; a tone generation and mixer section with three oscillators and a white/pink noise generator, and an envelope and filter section with in-depth controls. In the output section, there’s also a toggleable doubling switch for thickening up your tones, and a stereo spread knob.

Each download includes four different versions of Model 72; the Instrument version serves as the base edition. The FX version accepts external audio and lets you run the plug-in as a processor for your audio. The Model 72 also includes versions compatible with Softube’s Amp Room and Softube Modular. In the latter, you’re able to access the individual instrument sections from the plug-in.

See the Model 72 in action below:

Until 29 October, the Softube Model 72 Synthesizer System costs $99 (usually $159)

Learn more at

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