Hear Desert Sound Colony’s Garage Rework of Bushwacka!


‘Sound As A Pound’ lands June 14 via Holding Hands Again.

The second release on Holding Hands sub-label Holding Hands Again is Sound As A Pound, an EP of three previously released Bushwacka! cuts plus a garage rework from label head Desert Sound Colony.

Bushwacka!, real name Matthew Benjamin, is one of the main influences behind the main Holding Hands label. “His UK take out house and techno then led onto his groundbreaking labels Oblong and Plank that have inspired many of the generations that came after him,” Desert Sound Colony recalls. “I love those breaks releases and play a lot of them in my sets but my favourite of his cuts are actually his super early releases that he put out on his own label Sound As A Pound. Volume 1, 2 and 3 are packed with gems and sound just as original today as they did in the mid ’90s.”

These early volumes are highly sought-after, and so Desert Sound Colony has decided to share three of his favourite tracks from those releases. “I chose three that covered a broad range of sound,” he explains. “Loopy trippy house, techno with a ton of soul, and one straight up classic house banger.” The reissues have been freshly remastered for maximum boost.

Holding Hands Against aims to put out banging tunes on black vinyl and get them to DJs who want to rinse them in clubs.

In support of the EP, out June 14 on Holding Hands, you can stream Desert Sound Colony’s rework of “8” in full below.


01. 8

02. 8 (Desert Sound Colony Remix)

03. 11

04. 5

via XLR8R

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