Drift (Audiojack Dub) by Somersault feat. Sub-Tribe

Coming back to Gruuv the Australian producer Somersault will be releasing Drift EP featuring three original tracks and a remix made by Audiojack, let's enjoy the track Drift (Audiojack Dub) by Somersault feat. Sub-Tribe below and see all the details of how to obtain it here: https://bit.ly/3QsNZR7. https://youtu.be/VtJnb49lSmw

How To Dress Well In The Dark by Monica Blaire

Bringing his music to Mahogani Music, we have Monica Blaire with How To Dress Well In The Dark, twelve tracks that show all the artistic expressions where this artist can take us. Let´s get to enjoy samesong, frame, QUEEN, latebloomer, fuckthewrongpeople, release, lightsoff, hustlingbackwards, marbles, aclorkworkorange, smarts, and heart/sinnerman. A trip into soul, R&B, and... Continue Reading →

Paradise EP by Fouk

Presenting a high cut of funk and disco we have the debut release for the dutch duo Fouk at Shall Not Fade, under the name of Paradise EP it is ready and full of energy presenting the tracks Paradise, Next Summer, Tough Love, Late Night Snack and Drugged Out. Let´s soak on it, listening to... Continue Reading →

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