808Reviews ::: Lydmor Capacity

Reviewed by Ace on March 12th, 2021. Presenting her new album Capacity Lydmor has ready 14 tracks that are meant to last, featuring collaborations with Eivør for the track Nevada, Lasse Ziegler for the track Heavier In Life, and the work of the producers Christian Vium, Trond Bersu, Joey Verskotzi, Lasse Lyngbo, and Pitchifters, this... Continue Reading →

Nevada by Lydmor & Eivør

Before the release of her fourth studio album that will be available in March this year under the name of Capacity, Lydmor will be releasing on February 12th 2021 the single Nevada that was made with the Faroese singer Eivør, expecting more great music from HFN music for 2021 this single represents their first release... Continue Reading →

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