Dance Trax Vol. 35 by Denham Audio

Bringing full raw power, let´s listen to three tracks from Denham Audio and a Remix made by Mani Festo for the release Dance Trax Vol. 35 by Denham Audio, featuring White Label, Psyche Of A Raver with the remix made by Mani Festo, and ESP. For more details on how to get this release published... Continue Reading →

Never Understand EP by Slumberjunkie

With four energetic tracks, we have the release Never Understand EP by Slumberjunkie released by Silver Bear Recordings. Let´s listen to Never Understand, Midnight Ariumaqua, Headwind, and Leave It All Behind, for more details on how to get Never Understand EP by Slumberjunkie visit here: Never Understand Midnight Ariumaqua Headwind Leave It All Behind

Desert Lights by Flava D

Following her previous singles ‘Mesmerise’, ‘Return To Me’ and ‘Human Trumpet’, UK bass music champion Flava D is back with her debut drum & bass EP released on south London imprint Hospital Records. Continuing to explore her love for higher tempos, Flava D’s latest work consists of three brand new tracks, fusing garage, bassline and... Continue Reading →

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