Fax – Telegraphic Remixes

Giving new life to the album Telegraphic Memory by Fax we have the remixes made by various artists that are close to Fax, released by Facade Electronics let´s listen to all of them and get more information on how to get Telegraphic Remixes here: https://bit.ly/3HV3ygT Rotor (Microhm Remix) Momentum (Alexandre Navarro Remix) Non (Sanderson Dear... Continue Reading →

Antidawn EP by Burial

Exploring and experimenting to find new ways to express his music, the last release from Burial Antidawn EP is a music story that takes you into a timeless void that traps you deep into a winter night. Listen to the new tracks Strange Neighbourhood, Antidawn, Shadow Paradise, New Love, and Upstairs Flat, here once again... Continue Reading →

Ecstasy by U

The sound that U presents for his last release at Phantasy Sound called Ecstasy makes it a cinematic, dynamic, and mysterious production from the London producer that will make you move and feel. Containing the tracks Ecstasy and Morpheus, you can stream it and obtain yours here: https://bit.ly/2RcjKFg Ecstasy Morpheus

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