808Interview ::::: Frum/ hfn music / Faroe Islands

By Ace, 15th of November, 2022.

Soft, hypnotic full of beauty and nostalgia, yet enigmatic and mysterious, it takes attention to capture what makes Frum so unique. We have the pleasure to talk with her seeking to learn more about her craft, her new album For The Blue Sky, her music vision, and overall more about where Frum comes, and where she is going.

808blogg: Your debut album For The Blue Sky is about to be released, what can you tell us about this album?

Frum: For The Blue Sky is an album with 13 tracks that are all written around the sentence “Awake In This Universe I Had To Run, Thought It Was The Only Way, Tumbled, Again And Again, Never Giving Up For The Blue Sky.”

808blogg: How was your beginning in music?

Frum: Music has always been a big part of my life, and a way for me to express myself, but Frum was created when I lived in Copenhagen for studies and I felt really restless and alone, so I created Frum to try to understand these feelings and it was a way to work myself through them.

808blogg: How emotive do you get when you are making a track?

Frum: I get a really wonderful, great out of body feeling when I create songs. It’s something really special to me in the creative flow, it’s like being home in yourself.

808blogg: With the release of your debut album what plans are coming related to tours and live presentations?

Frum: I have a few gigs in Iceland where I live right now, and then I will work on a theater concert for this album which I will perform on the Faroe Islands.

808blogg: Can you share with us how it was to grow up in a place like the Faroe Islands and how you think it has impacted your music?

Frum: I was good, safe and free to grow up in the Faroes Islands. I think nature and weather definitely have had an impact on me and my music. The winters are very dark and stormy and the summers are very bright and intense, this can almost create two personalities in a person, cause the mood can be so affected by the weather. I also think this is true for me, and has impacted the way I create music.

808blogg: Which one is your favorite way to listen to music in your free time?

Frum: When I go for a walk, or when I’m making dinner with a glass of something.

808blogg: What do you expect the future will bring in terms of music?

Frum: My dream is to be able to work with music and art full time, so I could explore and be creative every day.

808blogg: What artists have you been listening to more often lately?

Frum: Lately I have been listening a lot to Thea Wang.

808blogg: For you, what does it mean It’s always there, the blue sky.

Frum: It means that even if it feels very dark and cloudy, the blue sky is there somewhere and it will come again, so don’t worry, everything will be alright.

For more information on Frum visit her: Facebook / Instagram / Tik Tok.


Hey, I’m Ace from 808blogg a music addict, a video nerd, an information freak, and I wrote this interview, you can get more 808blogg content here: 808blogg.wordpress.com

Thanks for reading and please don’t ever say no to good music…

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