808Reviews ::: Ultra Truth By Daniel Avery

Reviewed by Ace ::: 08th of November, 2022.

Representing the evolution of his music development, Daniel Avery presents his last album under the name of Ultra Truth in his most ambitious work to date we can enjoy a full journey of rhythm, nostalgia, and greatness, clashing light with darkness. Featuring the collaboration of Ghost Culture, Manni Dee, HAAi, Jonnine Standish a.k.a HTRK, AK Paul, Marie Davison, Kelly Lee Owens, Sherelle and James Massiah this album is the result of the construction of ideas and feelings Daviel Avery has been collecting, in a way it can be described as an escape from this reality were we all collide, but also it seems a tool to stand strong in order to face this reality and bring the best out from it. 

Let´s read more about each track while we enjoy this sublime album:

New Faith.

The opening track is like a search for hope surrounded by tension and pressure. 

Ultra Truth.

Strong, powerful, and direct, it is wrapped in layers of beauty. 

Wall Of Sleep.

Here we can feel a higher determination disguised under a mesmerizing vocal arrangement fueled by a broken beat rhythm. 

The Slow Bullet.

CLashing forces of nature, a battle for the sound so it can be. 


Here this track is more physical, as soon as it begins you start moving around. An uplifting rhythm traveling among different sound textures and layers. 


The opening vocals can confuse you making you believe a soft gentle track is coming, however, what we get is a heavy and raw sound with that line of softness the vocals provide.


With a beautiful melody, the feeling is hope, fighting against the daily issues life brings for all of us. 

Near Perfect.

Those emotions have to go somewhere, this track seems an escape from the daily routine.


Tons of energy can be founded in this track, a breakbeat rhythm fueled up by great synth arrangements.


An ambient track that is the perfect bridge from one state of feeling to another.

Collapsing Sky.

Calm sensations are provided by this great track, simple but pure. 

Lone Swordman

A track that is meant to be a tribute to Andrew Weatherall who spend time with Daniel Avery mastering his music craft. It has that awesome melody that sticks with you for a while. 

Overflowing With Escape.

A raw statement, the main goal is not to escape, it is to get the journey, walk the path, learn from it, and improve in order to be better for us and for others.  

Chaos Energy.

One of the first tracks to be shared before the full album was released, the sub-bass captures the mind while the rest of the music arrangement captures the body. 

Heavy Rain.

The last call for hope, as Avery himself says “it is about looking directly into the darkness, not running away from it”. 


Overall Rating 9.2/10
Ultra Truth By Daniel Avery
Phantasy Sound / Mute Records
Release Date: 2022 / 11/ 04


For more music from Daniel Avery visit his: Facebook / Bandcamp / Twitter

See more details on how to obtain Ultra Truth By Daniel Avery over here: https://bit.ly/3OV5NF1.


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