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Reviewed by Ace 11th of February 2022.

The 6th studio album from Trentemøller is finally released on his own label In My Room, we had been waiting for the arrival of Memoria since early September last year when the first single In The Gloaming was released, the album features 14 tracks that will bring you into a full sonic experience, something that for those who had followed the long career from Trentemøller is something we are used to, but for those getting to meet this unique sound, they will encounter a full palette of energy and feelings clashing with chaos, the final result will leave them both hungry for more.

With a nostalgic feeling on all the album, Memoria has different music styles that go from rock, electronic, dream pop, and shoegaze, it seems a deeper look into the personal way of producing from Trentemøller rather than the result of him working with his band, for this album he wrote all the melodies and the lyrics inviting Lisbet Fritze to do the vocals, and Dóra Dúna to do the artwork, let´s listen to all the album, watch the videos from the singles released before the full album, and also let´s read more about each track.

Photo by Karen Rosetzsky

Veil Of White

The opening track from this album has a nostalgic atmosphere with emotive vocals that increase his intensity slowly making room for the chorus that fades away while the track evolves.

No More Kissing In The Rain

This track represents the fourth single released before Memoria see the sunlight, with the vocals made by Lisbet Fritze, it is hard to determine if the track refers to the end of a relationship or the end of the path for a living thing, dream pop sensations can be perceived for this track.


A rock vibe core lays down on a bed made of synths, fitting all the parts together going up and down under a constant sound that rises till the end part creating a lot of tension.


Evolving in what seems his own time and rhythm the progression of the chords makes you feel close to the ocean until the first drop enters with a rich electronic atmosphere.

In The Gloaming

Lisbet Fritze made a beautiful vocal work for this track that was the first single from this album, with a lot of fresh energy and motion it makes it a perfect dream pop track.

The Rise

The opening for this track is pure joy and tension as if it was a supernatural experience, making space for a deep electronic rock sound that burst all over the place.

When The Sun Explodes

Beginning with a nice guitar layer the details are boosted by the synth shots blending with the melody increasing his intensity and then it gets back to a calm and even warm feeling.

Dead Or Alive

The most explosive track from the album collects all the parts from the track with the hypnotic echo while suddenly everything rises up with massive energy and with a heavy dark rock sensation, thankfully this dynamic repeats for the end part of this sublime track which was the third single from this album.

All Too Soon

Also collaborating on this track with Lisbet Fritze the final result is an elegant vocal arrangement making room among a lot of guitar fuzz, for a superb electro-pop track, this track was the second single released increasing the expectation on Memoria at that moment.

A Summer´s Empty Room

Bringing a glooming and celestial environment the development of this track runs soft and gentle however all his elements extend in a warm and dense sound.

Swaying Pine Trees

A dark and obscure rock track, with a great percussive arrangement it gets fueled by synth layers until it drops on an electronic sound that reminds the first years of production from Trentemøller, then it raises making a lot of tension towards the final part of the track.

Drifting Star

This track is also very rich in synth layers under a simple but well-constructed rhythm with a lot of nostalgia on it, close to the end part of this tune the closing extends a peaceful feeling.

Like A Daydream

With a soft vocal arrangement, plus the bass progression, the guitar and the drums of this track have a dream pop sensation perfect for any occasion.


This is the final chapter for this magnificent journey, containing the nostalgic vibe of the album it also has a nice soft melody to conclude calm.

An awesome journey without a doubt, the more you listen to Memoria by Trentemøller the more you get trapped in it. After his last album Observe the time to have new music from Anders Trentemøller took around two years and in reality it got us by surprise, he had released at that moment two other singles; quite good as well to the point he collaborate with Tricky for the single No One Quite Like You, and he released two new tracks Golden Sun and Shaded Moon, so when the announcement of Memoria was made those who follow his music where excited and now that we can enjoy it all, the experience exceeds the previous expectation.

Obtain yours on double-vinyl, CD, and digital formats here: https://bit.ly/33gEm5m


Overall Rating 9.2/10
Memoria by Trentemøller
In My Room
Release Date: 2022 / 02 / 11


For more music from Trentemøller visit his: Web Site / Youtube / Soundcloud / Bandcamp


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