JOY by Dusky

The duo of Alfie Granger-Howell and Nick Harriman better known together as Dusky presents their last album JOY released on the label 17 Steps. Their work brings to life 13 new tracks intended to share an uplifting sensation, attached to an expression of everything that dance music and dance culture is about for them since those days they grew up in London.

Listen to all the album and obtain yours here:

1. Dusky feat. Rainy Milo – Soundcheck
2. Dusky – Hildegard
3. Dusky – E-Dawn
4. Dusky – Wave
5. Dusky – Eros
6. Dusky – Invisible
7. Dusky – Take Me High
8. Dusky – Fields
9. Dusky – Lift
10. Dusky – Local Newspaper
11. Dusky – Supply Systems
12. Dusky – Pharaoh
13. Dusky – Silver

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