808Interview ::::: Hey Combo! / Batttzilla Records / Mexico

Ace, October 16th 2021.

Hailing from Mexico Hugo Lugo is the mind behind Hey Combo! a fusion of different rhythms like hip-hop, breakbeat, hardcore, House, Disco, and Rock, adding to it irony and sense of humor while he also works in the releases from his label Batttzilla Records.

We got to talk more with Hey Combo! about what his project is all about, his inspirations, the release of his future album Heavy, and more details regarding his daily activities in the musical field.

808blogg: How can you describe what Hey Combo! represents and how does it sound?

Hey Combo!: Hey Combo! is my project where I seek to explore and combine diverse music genres like hip-hop, breakbeat, hardcore, House, Disco, and Rock, always in a way, it sounds different, aggressive, and not boring, mainly this tracks I make get me out of the depressing, frustrating and monotonous reality we live in my country.

Hey Combo! sounds like: electro domestics having sex.

808blogg: At the beginning of your music career you played more with live bands, how was your transition to electronic music production?

Hey Combo!: The beginning in music for me was on a rock group called “Los Phanters Go” where I sang and screamed while I played one compact organ. When the band ended I started to experiment with electronic music making beats that sound alike to songs I enjoyed from The Prodigy, Ministry, or Fatboy Slim. For around one year I made some snippets and after joining some parts I liked little by little I create a couple of tracks while I add a bass, guitar, and synthesizer. When I realized making these tracks was something I was digging I decided to make it my main project to focus more on the composition of the tracks. At the same time, the tracks I shared had good feedback, and that inspire me more to work on Hey Combo!

808blogg: What musicians inspire you to become an electronic music producer

Hey Combo!:

Fatboy Slim.
His music and videos hit me hard, especially in the album You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby. When I listen to it it was really new for me, before I only used to listen to rock albums, and that album was some kind of electronic rock album full of repetitions and high-speed rhythms. I found that album incredible, when I listen to it I was a kid but with the passing of time I listen to it again and ask to myself, How does he do it? How does he manage to get those sounds? Time after that I discover his main composition technique was sampling something I found awesome because of how he made different tracks with part of other tracks of his own, which blow my mind! After knowing this I start to notice how sampling has always been present in electronic music and how this technique change music in general.

Mr. Oizo.
I meet Mr. Oizo while I was studying my career in audio engineering, my friend Filiberto Bautista introduce me to him, when I hear it I found it weird, obscure, grotesque, and fun. I love it since the first time I listen to it. I really liked the way he presented his songs, always aggressive with a good sense of humor. Also, the way he produced his tracks, the song titles, and the art made it clear for me he wasn’t that serious, he was sarcastic and ironic which provide him with a lot of style. Like Fatboy Slim, I found it indecipherable but fun, something I always seek in an artist. Those qualities made musicians quite interesting for me.

808blogg: For your album Rocker you explore different rhythms and styles, how was your creative process for this album?

Hey Combo!: The process of making the album Rocker was spending a lot of hours in front of my computer trying to blend all the parts, playing instruments, and listening to tracks of different genres. Many times all happen flawlessly, but other times it was a long search of sounds and ideas. It really help me a lot don’t rush things, instead of that I open the DAW, create a rhythm, and then I was adding to it things that I liked. Overall making this album full me of joy and excitement, I had a lot of fun making Rocker.

808blogg: For you how is a good day making music?

Hey Combo!: For me, a good day making music is when all the choices end into something awesome. Also, it is a good day when the computer and the plugins didn´t crash.

808blogg: How can you describe to us the electronic music scene where you live?

Hey Combo!: I do believe is good, there are electronic music parties and other music styles, and at the same time, there are options for venues to enjoy live music. There are always drunk people who dance, fight, and have fun.

808blogg: What music have you listen to recently that you can recommend?

Hey Combo!: All the time I´m listening to Disco music I always recommend listening to this genre. It is always good to check the discography of Yello, especially their first works. Also, I recommend the first releases from Ministry and the alternative projects from Al Jugersen, like Revolting Cocks. As well I do recommend the first album from Prodigy – The Prodigy Experience it is a fucking killer album. The one that I recommend from my country will be Elevator from Titan, I found it is extraordinary what this group achieve on this record. In my local field I do recommend the groups from my friend Alain Osorio: Apetait and Caguamas y Navajas, both are dope music groups, this both projects had been published in my label Battzilla Records.

808blogg: Can you share with us what projects you have soon

Hey Combo!: Right now I´m working on the promotion of my EP Remix which includes a track that I remix for a Japanese group called Wimbledon and a new track. I´m also getting ready Heavy, which will be my second album.
Also, I spend my time producing and publishing songs from groups and bands that I like on my label Batttzilla Records.
I´m seeking for artists to collaborate working together in a way we can create something interesting. Also, I´m always making new ideas that I want to finish with my friends, but mostly all the best beats final producing is for Hey Combo!

You can obtain Rocker LP here: https://bit.ly/3FRAsOB

For more information on Hey Combo! visit his FacebookBandcamp


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Thanks for reading and please don’t ever say no to good music…

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