808Reviews ::: Jesusdapnk – A San Diego Tale EP

Reviewed by Ace 24th of September 2021.

Been quite active with a lot of releases, Jesusdapnk now presents his release A San Diego Tale EP on Miura Records delivering a four-track house EP with a lot of jazz and funk under a dream vibe. This release features the collaboration of Lefthook and 4004 with their remixes to the track Dreamer Of Dreams.

Jesusdapnk – Dreamer Of Dreams

Bringing a nice and gentle atmosphere layer of house and jazz clash in order to bring a dreamy tune fueled up with the percussion arrangement.

Jesusdapnk – Solace

There is a hook on the loop lifted by a dreamy synth line that makes you feel chill and relax.

Jesusdapnk – Dreamer Of Dreams (Lefthook Remix)

The bassline takes the control of this remix making it a more physical track still displaying the jazzy funky feeling from the OG tune.

Jesusdapnk – Dreamer Of Dreams (4004 Lucid Mix)

A massive remix for this track, ready to set on fire any dancefloor while bringing a groovy funk-jazz attitude.

Obtain yours here: https://bit.ly/3zDYYhQ


Overall Rating 8.2/10
Jesusdapnk – A San Diego Tale EP
Miura Records
Release Date: 2021/09/17


For more music from Jesusdapnk visit his: Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud

For more music from 4004 visit his: Facebook /  Soundcloud

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