Detroit Vibes 2 by Funk D´Void

Listen to the mix made by Funk D´Void for his Twitch channel focusing on the endless joy of Detroit music.

Listen to it here, also check the channel from Funk D´Void here:

Takuya Yamashita “Daybreak”
Carl Craig “At Les (Christian Smith remix)”
BFC “Galaxy”
AUX88 “Moonwalker”
AUX88 ‘Electric Light”
Los Hermanos “The Descendant”
Floorplan “Baby Baby”
Anthony Shakir “Shake track”
Thomas Barnett/ Derrick May “Nude Photo”
E-Dancer “Bassline”
Jeff Mills “Alarms”
Jeff Mills “The Witchdoctor”
Gerald Mitchell “The Truth About Techno”
Soul Saver “You Need The Holy Ghost”
Jeff Mills “The Sun (Renato Cohen re-work)”
Tronik House “Uptempo (Co-Accused/ Kunky edit)”
Daniel Bell “Losing Control”
Echoplex “The VS Theme”
K-Alexi “Man To Man”
Omar S “Triangulum Australe”
Terrence Dixon “Running Time”
Los Hermanos “Central Nervous Systems”
Inner City “Do Me Right (Stacey Pullen remix)”
Drexciya “Species Of The Pod”
Psyche “Elements”
Red Planet “Sex In Zero Gravity”
Vince Watson “Holographic”
Octave One “I Believe”
Claude Young “Rise”
Jeff Mills “Fly Guy”
Idol Making “Un, Deau, Trois”
Robert Hood “Detroit: One Circle”
Vince Watson “Universal Language”
Echoplex “We Have Arrived”
Mike Huckaby “Basement Trax”
Marco Faraone “Matter of Perspective (Mike Huckaby Remix”
Floorplan “Higher (Ben Sims remix)”
Los Hermanos “Queztal”
Deee-lite/ Steve Poindexter “Work it Wild (Paul Woolford re-edit)”
69 “Rushed”
Jordan Peak “S.O.O.N. (Mike Huckaby remix)”
Vince Watson “Fouth Wave”
Lark “Tedra”

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