808Interview ::::: Kasper Bjørke / hfn music / Denmark

Ace, July 29th 2021.

With a vast music creation, exploring from radio singles, ambient, and a heavy rhythmic electronic production Kasper Bjørke blends all these paths under his constant musical vision to keep delivering great music for more than a decade, before the release of this last album for hfn music called Sprinkles, we have a nice interview with him about this release, some of his music production process, and a more personal approach.

Kasper Bjørke picture by Dennis Morton

808blogg: Reading about your next album Sprinkles, there is a reference about the distant memories of the energy and euphoria playing DJ gigs use to be for you, how is your approach to your music creation process in these pandemic days we are living? 

Kasper Bjørke: I wasn’t inspired at all during the first many months of the pandemic but something happened during last winter where I started listening to club music at home… something that I never used to do unless I was preparing for a gig… but I just started listening to old favorite tracks from my sets and also started listening to new club tracks, which I hadn’t done since the lockdown started… and I just started getting some simple ideas that I started to put down every day while me and my family were staying in the summerhouse.

808blogg: Your career has been quite extensive by now, how do you describe the evolution of your sound? 

Kasper Bjørke: I guess there is a certain signature sound that somehow comes through my many releases over the years…. Im just trying to stay playful when I produce music and not take it too seriously…

Sprinkles by Kasper Bjørke

808blogg: Thirteen tracks conform Sprinkles, what you were seeking to obtain with the creation of this album? 

Kasper Bjørke: I wanted to make a summer album, with a certain dreamy and warm sound, not too dark as I really wanted to make something for the brighter days and the other side of the pandemic… I was also trying to do something that would work for the DJ gigs that was hoping to play this summer… and now it is actually happening which is great. My first real gig is the day after my album is released, where I play with Roman Flügel and two local CPH DJ´s in this new outdoor spot that fits 500 dancing people. 

808blogg: For your normal music production what gear and tools do you like to use more often? 

Kasper Bjørke: I’ve used Logic since I switched from Pro Tool and before that Cubase on Atari. I use synths quite a lot on my laptop as it’s super intuitive and I rarely have time to spend full days in the studio.

808blogg: Have you explore any new production techniques that you will like to recommend? 

Kasper Bjørke: Hehe, not really actually… I tend to stick to what I know… I often re-record stuff that I made on the computer with analog instruments to get more warmth and I often have sessions with live musicians to get even more roles “out of the grid” into my productions.

808blogg: A few years ago you made a beautiful cover version of The Rolling Stones old classic Heaven, what artist at the beginning of this journey inspire you the most? 

Kasper Bjørke: Its actually been 10 years since I did that cover! Time flies 🙂

I used to be heavily into everything on DFA, so The Rapture, LCD Soundsystem, Shit Robot, Black Dice, etc – also stuff onOutput like Colder, Playgroup, etc – and stuff on Gomma and other leftfield labels like Relish run by Headman.

Nowadays I always check out labels like Permanent Vacation, Studio Barnhus, Public Possession, Running Back, Rush Hour, Pampa, Kompakt… so many labels these days… so much music… its hard to keep track.

808blogg: If things progress and traveling and playing live improves, where would like to go? 

Kasper Bjørke: I have a gig in Spain in October for Fort Festival that I am very excited about. The gig got canceled last October due to Covid. So it feels like a special event that is now happening finally one year later.

I also miss going to Berlin and Paris and both of these destinations are close to CPH so I can go by train which I prefer these days due to the carbon footprint, that I am trying to keep as low as possible – so I’m trying to be very picky with what gigs I play.

808blogg: What artists you have been listening to recently that you want to recommend to us?

Kasper Bjørke: Museum of Love have just released a new album, mixed by James Murphy. Its a great album and it sounds fantastic (obviously, with James behind the mixing console)

Storken is a young energetic swedish producer and I really enjoy his positive party vibes and his love for 80s/90s synth lines. Its fun, easy going and makes you smile and want to dance.

Also check out Eden Burns from New Zealand, he is doing great housemusic, he remixed my single Running and I love that remix.

Kasper Bjørke picture by Dennis Morton

You can obtain Sprinkles LP here: https://bit.ly/378uJ77

For more information on Kasper Bjørke visit his FacebookInstagramBandcamp


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Thanks for reading and please don’t ever say no to good music…

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