808Interview ::::: Roxy Jules / Nordic Music Society / Denmark

Reviewed by Ace April 2021.

The new album from the Danish performer and songwritter Roxy Rules will be released on April 23rd under the name of Still Falling Through The White EP, featuring four tracks As White As The White In White Noise, Jocelyn, Porous & Ivory Black, and I Guess It´s Time, this release displays a delicate raw powerful sound.

We have been listening to the full release and also we had a conversation with Roxy Jules about Still Falling Through The White and more from her music vision, enjoy it:

Still Falling Through The White EP by Roxy Jules:

As White As The White In White Noise

The perfect balance of a delicate soft feeling with a full raw vocal display this track slowly trap you into a musical void, this sets the beginning of Still Falling Through The White.


A full power rock track with a heavy dark atmosphere gravitating on the beatufil vocal arragement made by Roxy Jules

Porous & Ivory Black

The cinematic development on this track shares a felling of movement like waves of emotion.

I Guess It´s Time

For this track we can perceive a nostalgic evolving atmosphere swifting among different armonic layers it departures perfectly this release.

808blogg: What is the meaning of the name Still Falling Through The White?

Roxy Jules: It’s a feeling I get every now and then. As if I’m falling through a white of some sort. Backwards. Falling backwards through a white. I can’t really describe it. But it’s often when I let go of something that needs to be let go of and see life from a new perspective. It’s a little scary, but a really beautiful feeling at the same time. Feeling free somehow I guess. And actually, I also wrote about it in the song “Rubies & Blood” from my third album. One of my favorite ROXY JULES songs. And while I was writing this EP I thought about this feeling of falling that has been a part of me ever since I was a kid. I also often dream that I’m falling. So the EP is called ‘Still Falling Through The White’ since that’s how I feel sometimes.

808blogg: For this release, it comes in a time where all is different, how does this affect your creative process?

Roxy Jules: Life changes all the time. We change all the time. And change is probably also the only constant in creativity. I’m sure this release is affected by the different times. I think I’ve been diving even deeper into myself lately because I’ve been spending so much time in solitude. I’ve been thinking a lot about life and death and everything in between and I think that definitely affected the songs. Lately, it has often occurred to me how crazy it actually is to be alive. Not just in this life on Earth right now. But in general. Existing is amazingly beautiful though it is also tough as hell sometimes when we have to walk through the darker places.

Roxy Jules

808blogg: How can you best describe your sound?

Roxy Jules: I guess the best way to describe ROXY JULES is that it is balancing somewhere between something fragile and porous and something obstreperous and confronting. Contradictions are very essential in my music. Probably because I feel these contradictions in my own life too. Longings radiating in various directions. That’s also why all changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy because we leave behind something else.

808blogg: You have collaborated with Trentemøller before and for this release, he is part of the track Jocelyn with a great result, how do you both work together?

Roxy Jules: I never worked with Trentemøller on ROXY JULES stuff before. But I’m singing on some tracks by TOM And His Computer that Trentemøller mixed and co-produced, and he did a remix of one of the songs as well. So this is the first time he’s been involved in a ROXY JULES track. I’m really happy and honored he said yes to produce the song. I had him in the back of my mind already when I was writing it. Anders Trentemøller has a special talent and I loved collaborating with him.

808blogg: How would you describe the music scene in Denmark and what impact has on the music scene globally?

Roxy Jules: I actually think a lot of good stuff is coming out of Denmark. Iceage, Baby In Vain, Choir Of Young Believers, MØ, Goss, School Of X, Kira Skov, Marie Fisker, CTM, SPEkTR, Trentemøller, The Raveonettes, TOM And His Computer – just to mention some. I don’t think I have much clever to say about how it affects the music scene globally. But I think that all good music has an impact on the world somehow because it leaves trails in the people that were touched by the music.

808blogg: What are your plans for this release Still Falling Through The White EP, can we expect any live performance or live streams?

Roxy Jules: I have some shows in Denmark in the fall that are not announced yet and we’re gonna play Tallinn Music Week. Besides that, I don’t know. But I hope we’re gonna play some concerts 🙂

Roxy Jules

808blogg: What do you recommend listening to, on a regular day which music do you prefer to enjoy?

Roxy Jules: In Copenhagen, where I live, you can swim in the harbour and for the last four months or so I’ve been jumping into the water almost every morning. I started out when there was still ice on the water, now it’s slowly getting warmer, but here are some songs I was listening to walking home this morning: Darkhorse and Marked For Death by Emma Ruth Rundle, Great Waves by Dirty Three featuring Cat Power, Good For You by Porridge Radio, Ophelia by Marika Hackman and Swan by Monica Heldal.

808blogg: For future projects what can we expect from Roxy Jules?

Roxy Jules: I’m sure this is not the last you’ll hear from ROXY JULES. It feels as if there are more songs for me to write. And I was also just asked to sing on some other people’s projects, which I also love doing. So yeah more music..

Roxy Jules

You can obtain Still Falling Through The White EP here: https://bit.ly/2Saefat

For more information on Roxy Jules visit her Facebook/ Instagram/ Website


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