808Reviews ::: esven – APT 4D in NYC

Reviewed by Ace on March 19th.

Coming from the Bronx one of the co-founders from Priroslin Records esven presents his 10 track album APT 4D in NYC to be released at this label on march 19th 2021available here: https://movemusic.lnk.to/PRL013

Bringing a funk jazzy house feeling esven presents his sonic perspective delivering 10 tracks that shuffle from house, jazz, jackin, and even UKG rhythms exposing his Latin heritage with all the musical influence New York has to offer to their citizens.

Stay Away

Jazzy house feeling, the first track of this album is warm and smooth

Gleason Grooves

Classy percussion blends with a street atmosphere laying on a bed of house chords

6 To Tha BX

The groove on this track is more jackin, still keeping it warm and smooth, esven´s style is imprinted on it.

Del Barrio

A more broken rhythm is displayed for Del Barrio, with a funk vibe it is a boneshaker

Mi Chi Chi

The frequency with a great harmonic background mixed with the Latin percussion makes a perfect blend on this track

Between ME&HER

Rising it up with a super house groove is a beautiful track you only need to surrender to it.

Pale Blue Dot

The main thing in here is the bass, more chill, and funk but still with the house signature from esven


A more physical track with a high percussive arrangement

Morir Soñando

The fusion between the vocals and the piano keys full fill a great house sensation

Wonkie Transmission

Exploring more UKG style, wobbling bass and glitched sounds are the end of this sonic journey


For more information on esven visit: Facebook / Beatport / Soundcloud


Overall Rating 8.4/10
esven – APT 4D In NYC 
Priroslin Records
Release Date: 2021/03/19

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Thanks for reading and please don’t ever say no to good music…



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