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Reviewed by Ace on March 12th, 2021.

Presenting her new album Capacity Lydmor has ready 14 tracks that are meant to last, featuring collaborations with Eivør for the track Nevada, Lasse Ziegler for the track Heavier In Life, and the work of the producers Christian Vium, Trond Bersu, Joey Verskotzi, Lasse Lyngbo, and Pitchifters, this album was mixed in close collaboration with Peter Kjædegaard.

Some of these tracks like the Gadget Song, Someone We Use To Love, Nevada,  and If You Want Capacity, had been released as singles already making the expectation for the listening to Capacity bigger, Lydmor nail to present her most intimate work so far exploring and expanding her musical boundaries.

The perfect amount of melancholy gets arranged with the clear sound of Lydmor´s voice exploring different feelings that will bring you to a journey of sonic landscapes. 

_Ace 808blogg

Amandas Lullaby 

A melodic introduction

Nevada feat. Eivør

This one has a lot of power on the rhythm, this Nordic female duo accomplished a great complex track

Diamond Breeze 

A soft electro-pop song the perfect companionship to begin the day, there is some sort of comfort on this track, that makes it sound fresh but familiar

Labyrinth Faced Man     

Beautiful harmonies bring you to a peaceful state

Emma Spins  

We can perceive an Asian influence on the development of this track a light melody melted with the vocals from Lydmor

Someone We Use To Love 

This track has more motion, and a darker feeling still without losing the delicate touch Lydmor imprint on her sound

LSD Heart 

Mellow trippy sound, arranged with a fat distorted bass

Guilty (Kill Me) 

A good electro-pop song with the perfect amount of synth melancholy on it

The Gadget Song

Already released as a single before this album see the light it was a sample of the soft warm sound Lydmor has to offer nowadays

Amandas Dream 

A dreamy glitch that makes a bridge between one track and the other

Go Slow But Go 

Quite energetic it will lift you up, and then bring you down with a deep background atmosphere

Heavier in Life (feat. Lasse Ziegler) 

This one has a heavenly feeling to it soft strings embrace the mellow lyric composition

If You Want Capacity 

A more active track, the electronic background to it among with the easy dancing rhythm makes it a perfect tune

Hotel Ads 

The perfect outro to bring you back or to finally take you out of this world, will be your choice.

This album is released by HFN Music and you can stream it all and get yours here:  https://lydmor.lnk.to/Capacity

For more information on Lydmor visit: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram


Overall Rating 8.3/10
Lydmor – Capacity
HFN Music
Release Date: 2021/03/12

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