Devonian EP by Cubenx

Cesar Urbina makes a comeback via Ideal Europa under his Cubenx alias. Three tracks form this release, making use of his texturized sound which have been a common thread throughout his past releases.

Percussions are at the center this time, opting for simple, yet shifting patterns of quasi-breaks on “Bliss”, which will serve the more adventurous DJ’s by providing a solid, pulsing groove. The producer’s stamp can be heard on the lead harp melodies which bring warmer places to mind.

The second title “Hercynia” evokes the ancient pan-european forest via the delivery of dry, gated percussions followed by a more spaced out, cosmic chord progression. The heavier Arabic music-inspired pattern of “Obsidian” found its first audiences via Mutek MX back in November 2018, in the form of a live jam. The recording was then edited to fit the format.

Devonian EP by Cubenx, get yours here:

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