Phonica Mix Series 78: Daniel Avery

“The act of DJing feels like it exists on another planet at the moment but, unemployment aside, I feel fortunate to have closed my eyes this year,” Avery explains. “I’ve found a real solace in my metal box down by the water, the doors of which seemed to have been locked from the outside. In a good way. It’s all meant that the pile of new music is bigger than ever and, when asked to make a mix for my favourite dance emporium Phonica, I had the opportunity to do something different. So, to round off the slow-motion blur of 2020, here is a mixtape made up of new and exclusive stuff: unheard demos, versions, live jams and studio experiments. Most of it was made for the club. Hope you enjoy and please pass it around. I’ll see you on the other side very soon. DA xxx” Daniel Avery.

Full feature and interview on the Phonica editorial site, Off The Record –

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