808Interview ::::: AAAA / Acid Test, EXT, Omnidisc / Mexico.


In the next days, we will be able to enjoy the last album from AAAA under the name of Runts LP to be released by the Berlin label Acid Test on December 04th.

With a high expectation under this release, we have a really good talking with AAAA about the creative journey for this album, his approach to analog and digital production, the foundations of AAAA and his future plans while also he shared unique recommendations from his wide musical catalog and great advice about artists of the electronic music scene from Mexico that are delivering a true sonic experience, for us this has been an awesome encounter and we do feel quite thankful for all that AAAA share for this interview.

808blogg: How do you feel about releasing your next album Runts LP at Acid Test?

AAAA: These are weird days, I can’t avoid thinking in the meme where there’s the world in flames next to a guy screaming if anybody wants to hear his experimental music. But besides that, I’m happy these songs make their way out of the hard drive, these songs are in one way or another as weak as a runt but they made it through.

808blogg: It took you around 2 years to make this album, how was this creative journey? 

AAAA: To be honest, when I’m making music I never think of it as an album or as part of a whole, I just sit down and make sounds. Particularly Runts is a collection of tracks, where the common ground is acid lines and analog textures, I remember my state of mind when I was making some of this music in 2017 / 2020 so it’s sort of an acid journal.

808blogg: By now how can you describe your music identity? 

AAAA: I guess Identity hopping nerd suits well.

808blogg: The feeling on your track “No La Tengo” is really nice, can you tell us more about this track? 

AAAA: I did this one the day Oliver (Acid Test) confirmed the release, a few weeks ago, in one or 2 sits, I wanted something really fresh. It coincided with some events happening that week, it’s a love song, the cheesy kind, the bittersweet broken-heart kind.

808blogg: For your creative process and being an artist in a constant seek of an analog sound, how do you approach new technologies? Especially talking about Digital Production Tools? 

AAAA:  I’m using the Octatrack a lot these days, It’s nice to have something to touch, but is indeed a digital tool, that becomes an analog signal when I passed it through a filter, that becomes a digital signal when is recorded back in the computer, and then it’s again transduced in sound waves when someone listens to it. I also created a probability trigger in Ableton that played many drum sequences of the tracks made in 2020, then used Octatrack to sample those, and some Native Instruments stuff as well.


808blogg:  Now let´s talk more about you, can you let us know more about AAAA, what triggered the idea behind it?  Where do you start? Where do you see yourself in the near future? 

AAAA: I guess this is the way I am able to deal with feelings and things on my mind, music is in a way a tool for me.

Hopefully I’ll make more music, the future is always uncertain, more these days, I’m starting a meditation course from a technique used by David Lynch next week, it may help in the future.

808blogg: You have a very extensive case of music released and a long range of genres showcased, from all these releases which ones are the ones that you recommend and enjoy the most? Please name your top 3


Jazz D Ep (Omnidisc)

Silent Cities as DOVS (Acid Test)

Anorak (Jack Dept.)

808blogg: How would you describe the electronic music scene in Mexico and how can you compare it to the rest of the world? 

AAAA: I think it is quite healthy, many parties and collectives, not many big names but a nice community was being created until Covid reached us.

808blogg: Unfortunately nowadays a lot of things change because of the COVID pandemic, from your point of view, what does the future of the electronic music scene look like? 

AAAA: I don’t know, music is always going to be created, one way or another sounds are going to make it through, is a primal necessity of the human being, I think people sometimes just want to be understood and certain music can provide some comfort in that matter. SAD ACID / EUPHORIC ACID, up or down, there’s music that will get you.

808blogg:  What is the most helpful tip you can give to newcomers trying to produce and push their music forward? 

AAAA: Sit down a lot, half an hour doesn’t achieve much, and support each other in any way you can, especially if you are Latinx.

808blogg:  Which Mexican artists do you listen to if there are any, which other Mexican projects have caught your attention? 

AAAA: I’m going to give a big list over here:

LumberJack: https://soundcloud.com/pervertmx/pervext-x-lumber-jack

Alo: https://youtu.be/nonvai09bQQ

Glauben Records / Undefined Pattern: https://glauben.bandcamp.com/album/siglo-xxi

Nico: https://akitaclub.bandcamp.com/music

Dj Fucci: https://discossentimiento.bandcamp.com/album/amaneceres-2

Dj Delphis: https://soundcloud.com/pordetroitmx/pd028-w-dj-delphis

Dj Lonely: https://omaarmusic.bandcamp.com/album/dj-lonely-rs-cosworth

Filiae (Practice release is rad): https://filiae.bandcamp.com/

Voragine: https://voragine-sadrecords.bandcamp.com/

Rítmica Dinámica: https://ritmicadinamica.bandcamp.com/

Ruiseñor: https://soundcloud.com/ruisenor-librasounds

Upgrayedd Smurphy: https://smurphy.bandcamp.com/album/spheres-of-consciousness

Soul of Hex: https://soulofhex.bandcamp.com/track/disco-permanente

Zomvic https://soundcloud.com/thelotradio/ext-with-alo-zomvic-the-lot-radio-09-14-2020

NRMN: https://nrmnmx.bandcamp.com/album/operator-vol-1

Kodemul: https://soundcloud.com/kodemul

Lyo Xs: https://soundcloud.com/lyoxs

Soos: https://soundcloud.com/soosisoos

Villaseñor: https://soundcloud.com/djvillasenor

And many many more…


Soundcloud Facebook INSTA EXT.

Seeking to enjoy more music from this great producer, you can pre-order AAAA – Runts LP here:https://bit.ly/3qcbj9s



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Thanks for reading and please don’t ever say no to good music…

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