OPOLOPO has been a DJ all over the world, playing everywhere from South Africa to London and he has also built up a reputation as an exceptional producer who has released his music and remixes on influential labels.

There’s naturally much to get the blood pumping and the juices flowing on this album, from the carnival-ready Latin percussion, Roy Ayers-esque jazz-funk instrumentation and sparkling synthesizer melodies.

‘Loose Limbs’ gets the ball rolling and has something of a late 70s/early 80s jazz-funk feel – if you know who Mike Mandel or Wilbert Longmire are, you’ll dig this one for sure- Take the same recipe, stir in a little Afro-house flava in the drums department and you’ll end up with ‘Chocolate Liquorice’, while ‘Moonwalk’ comes on like Dave Lee in his most dreamy, spaced-out moments and ‘You Can Make It’ takes us closer to straight-up soul territory.

The Rhodes-heavy, organic jazz-house lusciousness of “The Sluggard”, the oddly swung but undeniably brilliant jazz-funk jam “Triplet Limp”. There are floors out there where these will make great warm-up material, and others where they’ll create memorable peaktime ‘moments’, but either way there’s no doubting the quality of the production. There’s not a duff cut in sight.

Released by Local Talk you can get yours here: https://bit.ly/35KOpxK

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