V1rus (Remixes) by Atjazz

V1rus is a song that was made by Atjazz live on Instagram in 1 hour during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Martin decided to open this up to flex the muscles of the many great remixers out there and 10 of the best were chosen. These are the ten, and what a bunch of classy re-twists they are!

V1rus (Remixes) by Atjazz

01 Remix by China Charmeleon
02 Remix by Jamlud Kudegra
03 Remix by Laroye
04 Remix by Szajna
05 Remix by seJulz
06 Remix by The Phat Ones
07 Remix by Fromwood
08 Remix by W.NN.E
09 Remix by DustinhoSA
10 Remix by Dwell Amusement

Stream it all and get yours here: https://bit.ly/2GVmce8

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